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“My mother was a patient at Lakeshore Community Health Care. When I suffered a debilitating back injury, she suggested it to me.

I was on disability and didn’t know where to go. Now, three years later, my whole family uses the dental, medical, and behavioral health services.

My wife has seizures and we have kids at home. It can be overwhelming to take care of them and also take care of myself. I’ve been seeing a counselor to help me cope with my  PTSD and anxiety.

My medical provider and counselor work together to adjust my medications. We’re still working on finding the right medications and doses that work for me.

Being able to come for multiple appointments at once, or bring my kids for their dental visit right after my medical appointment has been a blessing. Everyone has been patient and kind to my whole family, but sometimes I need tough love and they give me that too!”


“In 2012, I had just moved to town and didn’t have insurance. I’m so grateful someone told me about Lakeshore Community Health Care. I found it easy to build relationships with my medical team,which led me to try counseling for the first time. Talking to someone can be very freeing. I feel a weight off my shoulders every time I talk to my counselor Amanda.

At my last dental cleaning, my dentist pointed out that some of my medications can cause dry mouth. He explained what I can do to prevent any damage to my teeth. It’s great to know my providers monitor my total health: mental, oral and physical. I’m learning how they all connect so I can stay as healthy as I can be at my age!

At a recent visit my nurse introduced me to Dan, a care manager. Dan helped me find an affordable apartment and connected me to other resources I didn’t know were available.

I tell everybody to come see Lakeshore and try it out - all of the providers are well educated, the facility is beautiful and for most patients, including me, it’s the most affordable way to receive care.”


About six months ago I was referred to LCHC when I was in a crisis. I had moved from Milwaukee to Manitowoc to be closer to my daughter, but I wasn’t managing my diabetes or my mental health.

Growing up, I was taught not to rely on others for help and to keep your emotions to yourself.In the African-American community, mental health issues are very private, so I didn’t want to admit that I needed help. The staff at LCHC immediately made me feel comfortable and no one looked down on me for my circumstances.

My doctor helped me get my diabetes under control and referred me to an eye doctor to check my vision. I’ve had my teeth cleaned and a filling taken care of. I also started counseling, helping me process the traumatic events I’ve experienced throughout my life and the recent loss of my son.

I’m a work in progress and I feel blessed that LCHC, and their incredibly kind staff, came into my life. I want to be around for my family as long as possible - which means taking care of my physical and mental health.

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