Suicide prevention

Trained staff will provide the care patients need, including real time support.

Lakeshore Community Health Care (LCHC) is taking proactive steps to address the alarming rise in suicide rates by implementing the evidence-based Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale. Starting in April, patients over the age of 10 will be asked a few screening questions during dental hygiene visits, with plans to incorporate the screening  into all services by 2025.

The questions patients may be asked include:
Have you wished you were dead or wished you could go to sleep and not wake up?
Have you had any thoughts of killing yourself?
If yes, have your been thinking about how you might do this?
If yes, have you had these throughs and had some intention of acting on them?
If yes, have you started to work out or worked out the details of how to kill yourself? Did you intend to carry out this plan?  

Have you ever done anything, started to do anything, or prepared to do anything to end your life? If yes, was this in the past 3 months?

Full press release:

Lakeshore Community Health Care Launches Initiative to Combat Rising Suicide Rates, Aims to Impact 12,000+ Patients

Additional Resources:
Crisis lines by county: Manitowoc 920-683-4230 or 888-552-6642 (after hours), Sheboygan 920-459-3151, Washington 262-365-6565

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